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Double Happiness

February 12, 2016

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Nothing makes us happier than Steamed Pork Bao Buns – expect maybe when the delicate, puffy buns are filled with two kinds of delicious pork!

Double Happiness Pork Bun 1

We glaze the pork loin with a traditional Char Siu Chinese barbecue sauce scented with orange, star anise and cinnamon, then smoke and oven-roast it. The loin is partnered with an unctuous pork belly that is slowly braised until fall-apart-tender with sherry, soy and ginger.

Double Happiness Pork Bun Basket

Double Happiness Station_1Double Happiness SlawDouble Happiness Station

Our chef finishes our ‘Double Happiness’ Bao Buns with a crisp slaw of lightly pickled kohlrabi, golden beet, cucumber, watermelon radish, green cabbage and bean sprouts and a creamy and spicy Gochujang chili mayonnaise. He adds fried wonton crisps and the plate is happy, happy, happy!

Double Happiness Station 2

Thanks, Kip Dawkins for these double pretty pictures!