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May 23, 2011

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In an on-going effort to add efficiencies and augment its sustainable initiatives, Occasions is set begin bottling its own still and sparkling waters.

A small (mini-fridge sized) cooler draws water from a designated water source. It is filtered, chilled and sent through a tap for bottling. There are two separate, color-coded taps: green for sparkling water that is connected to a CO2 tank for carbonation; and a blue tap for still water.  Both waters are poured into new, re-usable, glass liter bottles outfitted with color coded wire clasp tops.  The filled bottles will be transported in crates, chilled on-site and ready for service at all Occasions’ parties.

On any busy weekend, Occasions will use 250 cases of bottled water. Russell Garruba, Occasions VP of Operations, explains, “If we can reduce our purchases of imported bottled still and sparkling water, that translates into a reduction in our carbon footprint.  A lot of money and energy is required to ship water across the country or from overseas and then we are faced with the collection and recycling of the empty plastic and glass bottles. Our bottling program will significantly lessen our damaging impact on the environment, before, during and after the water is consumed.  And, the water tastes great.”


With the installation and testing of the water filtration system complete, the bottles and crates purchased, and in-house and on-site staff trained, Occasions is ready to start filling and chilling. Cheers!