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The Scenic Route

September 17, 2012

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Next time you’re on the Metro’s Red Line, and heading through our Brookland neighborhood in Northeast, look up from your paper or phone and you’ll see a brilliant addition to the Occasions’ building.  The thirty foot mural, painted in panels, is the work of the talented kids at the Sitar Arts Center with help from students at Higher Achievement DC Metro.

Occasions gave the young artists from Sitar and Higher Achievement, ages 14 to 21, the theme for the project, “From the Earth to the Table,”  and the creative kids were responsible for the rest from the initial rough design drafts through planning, production and execution.  “We spent time with the students, talking about their favorite meals and foods and we introduced them to some new ingredients, some of which they had never seen before.  We are so grateful for the artists’ enthusiasm, creativity and hard work.  The mural is a truly unique and bright addition to our new building and our neighborhood,” said Mark Michael, co-owner of Occasions.

Sitar Arts Center employed more than forty teens during the summer of 2012, providing them with significant professional experience in the arts.  The Sitar group partnered with kids from Higher Achievement and were coached by local mural artist, Loretta Thompson, Director of Program Operations at Sitar.

So, if you’re not a regular Red Line rider, you might want to take a little detour — on the scenic route. For more information about these great organizations, visit www.sitarartscenter.org and www.higherachievement.org



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