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Snips and Slices

March 16, 2012

Post Photo

Occasions commissioned paper artist, Beatrice Coron, to create a series of pieces to tell the story of our work in intricate papercuts.   “In life and in papercutting,” Coron explains, “everything is connected.  One story leads to another.”

The artist, who uses with Tyvek (the super-durable material often used to weatherproof houses and strengthen shipping envelopes) for her cuts, worked with us to create scenes that reflect the energy, creativity and unique style of Occasions’ events.

In addition to paper and Tyvek, Coron also creates pieces in stone, glass, metal, rubber, stained glass and digital media.  She is featured in major museum collections at the Metropolitan Museum, the Walker Art Center and The Getty and her public art can be seen in subways, airports, pedestrian plazas and parks.

Our party papercuts were photographed by Kip Dawkins using shadow boxes he created to give Coron’s pieces depth and emphasize the unusual material and interesting technique.  The photos will appear in Occasions’ ads — little snips and slices from the life of Occasions.