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Rainbow Unicorns

August 9, 2017

Post Photo

Two sweet little girls had the most magical birthday party! Adorable decor and delightful treats made for an enchanting day filled with birthday wishes come true!

Sophia & Ellie-1

Sophia & Ellie-157

Sophia & Ellie-5 Sophia & Ellie-60 Sophia & Ellie-59 Sophia & Ellie-56 Sophia & Ellie-52 Sophia & Ellie-51 Sophia & Ellie-6

Sophia & Ellie-61 Sophia & Ellie-88 Sophia & Ellie-87 Sophia & Ellie-68 Sophia & Ellie-67 Sophia & Ellie-66 Sophia & Ellie-65 Sophia & Ellie-64 Sophia & Ellie-63 Sophia & Ellie-62

Sophia & Ellie-87 Sophia & Ellie-145 Sophia & Ellie-94 Sophia & Ellie-93 Sophia & Ellie-92 Sophia & Ellie-91 Sophia & Ellie-89 Sophia & Ellie-88

Magic made by:

Planning: Evoke

Florals: Sweet Root Village

Photography:Photography by Simo

Balloons:Festive Effects

Decor: Syzygy Events

Printed Materials: Emily Baird Design

Cakes: Fluffy Thoughts

Cookies: Sugar Studio