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Très bon Bonbons

March 22, 2017

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Our new bonbons are hard to resist – each one is like a tiny chocolate-y jewel!   They’re made and hand-decorated in our special, temperature-controlled chocolate room.  We think they’re perfect to pass with coffee, will add a special touch of glamour to a sweets buffet, or packaged in custom bonbon boxes for a sweet gift or favor.

Bonbon Wedding CakeWedding Cake Bonbons filled with a velvety Almond White Chocolate Ganache and toasted Almond pieces. Finished with Pearl Luster Dust.

Bonbon Strawberry Balsamic 2

Housemade Dark Chocolate Bonbons filled with velvety Strawberry Balsamic Ganache. Decorated with Pink, Gold and Light Green Cocoa Butter Brushstrokes and Speckles.

Bonbon SesameGold-speckled White Chocolate Bonbons with a tangy Passion Fruit Gelée and sweet Sesame Ganache center.

Bonbon Rosemary Lemon 1Chocolate Bonbons filled with a White Chocolate-Lemon Ganache lightly scented with fresh Rosemary.

Bonbon Pistachio CardamomMilk Chocolate Bonbons filled with a rich Pistachio and Cardamom Ganache lightly scented with Rose. Finished with White and Green-tinted Cocoa Butter Brushstrokes.

Bonbon Salted PretzelMilk Chocolate Bonbons filled with bits of salted Pretzel and a smooth Milk Chocolate Ganache. Decorated with a Blue Ombre Cocoa Butter Finish and Gold Speckles.

Bonbon Mango 3White-colored Dark Chocolate Chocolate Bonbons filled with creamy Mango Caramel and Dark Chocolate Ganache with a pinch of Chili. Finished with colorful Cocoa Butter brushstrokes.

Bonbon Ebony OrangeEbony-colored Dark Chocolate Bonbons filled with a rich Ganache flavored with Orange, Fennel and fruity Olive Oil, finished with flecks of Silver Leaf.

Bonbon HoneycombDark Chocolate Bonbons filled with Hazelnut Gianduja Ganache and a tiny piece of housemade Honeycomb Brittle. Decorated with glittery Gold Luster Dust.