Our Approach


We are current.  We have always embraced an “un-catered” approach to food, one which honors fine ingredients and creative execution.  The goal is to listen to each client and provide a distinctive menu that’s prepared and presented in a way to delight and inspire.  In an environment of ever-changing service styles and food trends, Occasions stays on the forefront  with one thing in mind: a memorable food experience.


We are innovators.  Recipes for 5 to 5,000 guests are developed, not copied.  Our Research and Development Team first considers each new dish with the question, “What brings about the best flavor, texture and appearance?”    Our culinary experts then meticulously refine each recipe.   Over time, our menu offerings evolve to suit changing tastes and dining trends.  Our dedication to research is why there’s always something fresh on the table at Occasions.


We are picky.  The best ingredient is one that is hand-selected for freshness and flavor.  To make each recipe stand out, we source the finest ingredients from an extensive network of specialty growers and suppliers.  We work directly with farmers, and have total confidence that our food is perfectly grown and perfectly fresh.  The finest ingredients, prepared with talent and attention to detail, are the foundation of an exceptional dining experience.


We have style.  We know that great tasting food should also be great to look at and be fun to eat.  We know how to make a plate that looks “good enough to eat” and create unique food presentations with finesse and style.  And, our extensive collection of unique ceramics, glass, lucite, and wooden serving pieces allows us to make a meal and a party which is truly one of a kind.